Funeral of Simon Joseph Fraser, 14th Lord Lovat – 1933

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July 3rd, 2020

John Fraser & Son, Funeral Directors based in Inverness have found this wonderful old footage of the Clan walking the coffin of the 14th Lord Lovat (more commonly known as the 16th Lord) to the family graveyard at Eskadale Church.

Funeral of Simon Joseph Fraser, 14th Lord Lovat – 1933

We are proud that our family firm have served the Highlands since 1884, but usually have to rely on our imagination for how funerals were conducted in years gone by. This short silent film of the 1933 funeral of Simon Joseph Fraser, the 23rd Chief of Clan Fraser and 14th Lord Lovat, took place in St Mary’s Roman Catholic Church at Eskadale, near Beauly. It features Vicki’s grandfather as funeral director, but we can’t spot any women present. How times have changed!Can you tell us any more about the film? Are the soldiers members of the Lovat Regiment? We are sure some local historians might have some more information.

Posted by John Fraser & Son on Wednesday, 21 November 2018


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