Clan Fraser comes from the highlands with Beauly at its epicenter, 10 miles west of Inverness in and area that is historically called the Aird. Traditional Fraser lands are shown on the map stretching from the west end of Loch Monar to Inverness, and then all of the south side of Loch Ness to Fort Augustus. Over the centuries much has been sold and lost, leaving the Lovat Estates mainly concentrated around Beauly village today.

Some confusion arises as there are Fraser lands in Aberdeenshire, but these are connected to the lowland Frasers of Philorth, not the highland clan. This is due to the term ‘clan’ being used in the modern era to also describe lowland families, despite them not having any Gaelic history nor ever living under the clan system. As the 18th Lord Saltoun states, the Philorth Frasers “had nothing to do with the origin or formation of the Highland Clan, and never belonged to it”.

The historical clan seat is Beaufort Castle, 3 miles south of Beauly, sitting on a hillock above the river Beauly, famous for its salmon fishing.

Beaufort is a baronial style Victorian sandstone castle built by the 13th Lord Lovat at the end of the 19th century. This was because the previous seat, 16th century Castle Dounie, was razed to the ground by Cumberlands army post Culloden in 1746. And before that was the original seat called the Lovat Keep. The exact location is unknown today but it is said to have stood on the other side of the river in an area called Groam of Annat, which is where the clan would gather before battles on the Great Field. This was so loved that it became the clan battle cry, “A Mhor-fhaiche”, which means great field in Gaelic.

What to visit?

Beauly Priory - Valliscaulian monastery founded in 1230. Look for the grave of the 3rd Lord Lovat who died at the Battle of the Shirts in 1544

Eskadale Church [4 miles] - 19th century catholic church and Lovat family burial ground.

Wardlaw Mausoleum [3 miles] - Built in 1634 as the burial place of the Lovat Frasers up to the 1800's

Lovat Arms Hotel - Must stay for any travelling Frasers. In the heart of Beauly, and owned by the charismatic senior clanswoman Ann Fraser

Culloden Battle Field [15 miles] - The last battle on British soil in 1747. 250 Fraser died in battle under the Master of Lovat's command

Strathfarrar [15 miles] – the beautiful ancestral mountains of Clan Fraser

Lovat Scouts Memorial - Obelisk memorial in the heart of Beauly to those locals who lost their lives in the Boer War

Lovat shinty club [3 miles] – shinty is an ancient highland style of hockey, but more violent.

Eilean Aigas [3 miles] – a Fraser island where the Sobieski Stewart brothers penned the Costumes of the Clans, defining the modern tartans.

Moniack Castle [1580] and winery [4 miles] - Lord Lovats 2nd cousin’s castle

Hootananny Pub [10 miles] - The multi award winning Inverness ceilidh music venue owned by Kit Fraser of Moniack Castle

Urquhart Castle and Loch Ness - Magnificent ruined 13th century castle on the banks of Loch Ness

Reelig Glen [3 miles] – 30 mins scenic walk through some of the tallest trees in Europe

Loch Lochy [15 miles] - Where the bear chested clan fought and lost against the Camerons in 1544

Morisons Ironmonger, Beauly. Owned by senior clansman Donald Fraser, this shop will provide you everything needed for your highland adventure