Genevieve Fraser shares a photo of Lord Lovat and the 78th Fraser Highlanders from 1997

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September 13th, 2020

Genevieve Fraser of Orange [MA] kindly shared her photos from August 1997 when she and her late sister Lillian visited Beauly after the Fraser Gathering. The main photo shows Lord Lovat at the age of 20 inspecting the troops of the 78th Fraser Highlanders after becoming their new Colonel-in-Chief in Beauly sqaure.

The picture below show Genevieve grandfather Donald William Fraser in his bowler hat, who’s father John Fraser who was born in Inverness in the mid-1850s and immigrated to America and joined the US Army. They were related to the Lovat Frasers and in the early 1960s (or late 1950s) when the 15th Lord Lovat was touring in America, her great uncle Henry Hunter brought several of his Lordship’s pipers to greet my father. They did a presentation in their yard (40-acre farm)  in Hampstead, NH and then headed down the driveway onto the road and had a mini-parade.

Thank you Genevieve for sharing your story and photos with the clan.

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